Security Equipment to Help Protect Your Home

There are two parts to home security – the equipment and the monitoring. To help protect your family and your home, you want the best of both. Whether you’re looking for basic security equipment or the latest high-tech innovation, it’s easy to equip your home.

What equipment will come with your system? These are the pieces of equipment that usually come with home security systems, and you can even add extras like cameras to make your security equipment setup as comprehensive as you like.

Common Types of Home Security Equipment

When you start shopping around for home security systems, you’ll find that many offer the same types of equipment. Standard security equipment usually includes the following.

Alarm Keypad

Your alarm keypad is the main control of your system. You’ll use the keypad to arm and disarm your system, as well as for adjusting sensors and other equipment. Many systems allow you to get additional alarm keypads if you live in a multi-level home.

Door Alarms and Entryway Sensors

Door alarms, also known as entryway sensors, are the devices that are positioned on the entryways into your home. Put these door alarms on your main doorways and windows.

When your system is disarmed, you’ll hear a chime when these entryways are opened. If your system is armed and a door or window with an entryway sensor is opened, your alarm is triggered.

Motion Detectors

Add to the security offered by your door alarms with interior motion detectors. Set motion detectors in hallways and large rooms, and you’ll be alerted if there is motion in these areas. If the beams are broken by someone walking in these areas, the alarm will sound.

Worried about your pets setting off the motion detectors inside? Don’t worry. Most motion detector security equipment includes pet settings so you can arm your motion detectors and still let your pets roam free around the house.

Security Signs and Decals

In addition to monitoring equipment and alarms, security systems often include yard signs and decals. Place these outside of your home to let everyone know that you have a security system to help prevent any potential burglaries before they even happen.


Wireless Key Fobs

With a wireless keychain or key fob, arming and disarming your alarm keypad is even easier. Simply press a button on your key fob to arm or disarm the system. Many wireless keychain remotes have a long enough range that you can use it from the driveway or even the opposite end of the house from the keypad.

Get Extra Security with Upgraded Equipment

Go beyond the basics of home security with additional upgrades. Check out these extras and see if they’re available from the home security companies you’re considering.

Home Security Cameras

Monitor your home visually with home security cameras. Set cameras outside or inside to view your recordings or live feeds. Use your cameras to check on your kids when they get home from school, or to simply make sure everything is fine at the house while you’re at work. Home security cameras can also help in the event of a burglary to provide evidence.

Home Automation

Home automation equipment is an easy way to control your home settings. From lights to door locks to temperature control, home automation offers advanced features. Explore your home automation options to learn more about the settings available.

Find Your Security Company and Equipment Today

Check out the security companies that provide monitoring services in your area, and learn more about the equipment they offer. Find what you need and take the next step to protecting your family at home today!