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XFINITY Home Security in Texas

Comcast offers a number of residential services under the brand name XFINITY, including cable, phone, high-speed Internet, home automation and home security. Comcast introduced the XFINITY brand in 2010 and began offering home security and security/automation packages in a limited number of U.S. cities.

Features and Services with XFINITY home security in Texas

Here’s a look at the equipment and capabilities offered by this provider:

Alarm monitoring

Two of XFINITY’s three security packages offer the combination of professional monitoring services along with an in-home XFINITY alarm. Texas monitored alarm systems connect homes with a monitoring center staffed by dispatch operators who can contact police, firefighters or EMS in an emergency.

Alarm monitoring with XFINITY security in Texas is maintained through a broadband Internet connection with a central security station. The station provides 24-hour monitoring and has received certification from the product safety testing organization Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

With XFINITY home security in Texas, homes can be monitored for security threats such as break-ins, fire, carbon monoxide leaks and water leaks. Some of these monitoring options require the purchase of additional equipment.

Security equipment

Looking at the equipment that comes with an XFINITY alarm, Texas consumers will notice many of the same components offered by other security providers. Although standard equipment varies by package, the list of available hardware includes:

  • Touch screen controllers
  • Door/window sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Wireless keypads
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Keychain remotes
  • Targeted motion sensors
  • Glass-break sensors
  • Remote sirens
  • Water detectors

In addition to the standard XFINITY alarm, Texas homeowners can purchase more equipment to upgrade and customize their security systems.

Home automation

XFINITY home security in Texas also offers smart-home features such as remote thermostats and lighting/small appliance control. EcoSaver™ technology provides help with energy efficiency. As with home security components, additional home automation equipment can be purchased separately.

Mobile device access and wireless interactivity

Features and options with XFINITY home security in Texas include remote arming and disarming, video monitoring, email and text alerts and remote smart-home controls.

Package Options for XFINITY Security in Texas

XFINITY Home – Control 150 – This package combines self-monitored security with home automation. Both Self-Install Kits and professional installation are available. Standard equipment includes one motion sensor, one door or window sensor and a choice of one indoor/outdoor camera or one thermostat.

XFINITY Home – Secure 300 – Features include professional alarm monitoring with battery and cellular backup. Standard equipment includes one motion sensor and three door or window sensors, with professional installation only.

XFINITY Home – Secure 350 – As with the XFINITY Home – Secure 300 package, features include professional alarm monitoring with battery and cellular backup. Standard equipment includes one motion sensor, three door or window sensors and two indoor/outdoor cameras.

Availability of XFINITY home security in Texas

Initially, residents in only one city – Houston, Texas – had access to XFINITY home security. Texas residents should remember that this service may or may not be available in their area. Comcast has continued to expand security into new markets since 2010 but does not currently offer the service nationwide.

To check on local availability of an XFINITY alarm, Texas homeowners can go to the Comcast website. For more information on XFINITY security in Texas, consult the table of cities below:

Researching XFINITY Home Security in Texas

To get further details on this provider, try searching online for XFINITY home security reviews. Texas homeowners have a number of options to choose from, and it always pays to make an informed decision when comparing security companies.

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