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XFINITY Home Security in Portland

Comcast, best known as the nation’s largest cable company, began offering cable TV, Internet, home security and other services under the brand name XFINITY in 2010. The company chose Houston, Texas, as the first market where XFINITY home security would be available.

XFINITY security services have been extended to more cities within Comcast’s coverage area since then, although the company has not disclosed the number of customers who have an XFINITY alarm. Portland residents who want to confirm local availability can check the Comcast website.

Services Available with XFINITY Home Security in Portland

With XFINITY security, Portland consumers will recognize many of the services offered by other home alarm providers. They include alarm monitoring, threat detection, home automation and mobile access.

Some features may require the purchase of additional equipment.


Professional alarm monitoring is available with two security packages from XFINITY security. Portland homeowners with monitored alarm systems count on this service to notify the authorities on their behalf in an emergency. XFINITY monitoring offers 24-hour coverage from a UL-certified center using a broadband Internet connection.

Threat detection

With an XFINITY alarm, Portland homes are offered additional protection against security threats including burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and internal flooding.

Home automation

In addition to an XFINITY alarm, Portland consumers can receive smart-home features such as automated thermostats and lighting/small appliance control. Devices using EcoSaver™ technology are designed to promote energy efficiency.

Mobile access

XFINITY Home Security in Portland offers remote arming and disarming and video monitoring, as well as text and email alerts, using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Technical Details for an XFINITY Alarm in Portland

Take a moment to review some of the technical specifications for XFINITY Home Security in Portland:

  • Each package for XFINITY security in Portland requires an Internet connection. Two of the packages provide professional alarm monitoring that uses a broadband signal, and some features involve accessing the XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal.
  • The monitored alarm packages include an in-person assessment of your home to devise a custom security plan and a tutorial on using the system.
  • Also, if you already have an alarm system, you may be able to upgrade the existing equipment with XFINITY Home.

Packages for XFINITY Home Security in Portland

A selection of three packages offers different features and levels of protection with an XFINITY alarm in Portland.

XFINITY Home – Control 150

Equipment and features with this self-monitoring package include:

  • Automation control hub
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 door/window sensor
  • 1 indoor/outdoor camera or 1 thermostat
  • 1 lighting controller

Customers can choose professional installation or a Self-Install Kit.

XFINITY Home – Secure 300

Professional monitoring included, professional installation only. Equipment and other features include:

  • 1 touch-screen controller
  • 3 door or window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 wireless keypad

XFINITY Home – Secure 350

This package also offers professional monitoring and professional installation is required. Equipment and other features include:

  • 1 touch-screen controller
  • 3 door or window sensors
  • 1 motion sensor
  • 1 wireless keypad
  • 2 indoor/outdoor cameras
  • 2 lighting controllers
  • 1 thermostat or 1 additional indoor/outdoor camera

Assess XFINITY Home Security in Portland Against Other Options

You may not get a sense of the big picture by focusing on one provider or by reading XFINITY home security reviews. Portland home security options number in the dozens, from multi-national companies to locally owned vendors. To make the best decision on achieving a safer home, you’ll need to do your homework.

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