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About Protection One Security in California

Protection One Alarm Monitoring is also known as Protection 1 Security Solutions. With Protection 1 in California, home and business owners are offered alarm monitoring, home automation and other services. Founded in 1988, the company has grown into one of the biggest electronic security providers in the country, with more than 1 million customers.

Protection One emphasizes customer service, and its website includes a collection of positive comments from Protection One reviews. California consumers who visit the site will also see that the company claims a 97.3-percent customer satisfaction rate and does not use automated phone systems to answer customer calls.

The company makes it headquarters in Romeoville, Illinois, and has more than 70 office locations across the United States.

Equipment from Protection 1 in California

Protection One in California provides all-digital, all-wireless systems for home security and home automation. The security systems use tamper-resistant technology designed to keep burglars from disabling the alarm.

The security-related equipment provides added protection against burglary, fire, carbon monoxide and other threats. Home automation components offer more convenience in managing household systems like heating and cooling along with the potential for energy savings.

Protection One security in California offers professional installation of all equipment. Technicians receive training and certification and must undergo extensive background checks.

Intrusion prevention

The list of security components available with Protection 1 in California includes:

  • Alarm keypads
  • Window and door alarms
  • Pet-friendly motion alarms
  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Image sensor cameras with motion detection
  • Keychain remote with panic button feature
  • Glass-break sensors

Environmental safety

Equipment covering threats like house fires and flooding includes:

  • Wireless smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Water and flood sensors
  • Extreme heat sensors

Home automation

Components for smart-home features include:

  • Remote thermostat control
  • Lighting and appliance control
  • Remote door locks
  • Wireless doorbells

Alarm monitoring from Protection One in California

Protection 1 in California offers 24-hour alarm monitoring through a cellular system that doesn’t require a landline phone connection. A cellular backup feature is designed to ensure that monitoring coverage will continue in the event of a power failure.

The company has multiple monitoring centers and handles alarm monitoring for more than 4,000 other security providers. Protection One in California also offers the assurance of a disaster recovery center.

Protection One Home Security Package

The standard Protection 1 package offers break-in detection, 2-Way Voice, remote access by mobile device, text and email alerts and other features. Optional equipment includes fire and carbon monoxide sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, garage door sensors, remote thermostats and remote door locks.

Protection One California also offers $1,000 deductible protection. The feature provides reimbursement for insurance deductibles related to burglary and fire damage claims.

Local Availability of Protection One Security in California

Protection One offers home security in all fifty states along with Washington, D.C. The nationwide service area makes it easier for home security shoppers to include Protection 1 in California on their list of candidates.

To check the availability of Protection One in California, consumers can visit the company website.

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Compare Other Providers with Protection One in California

With a marketplace that has thousands of providers to choose from, home security shoppers have no shortage of options. Whether you’re interested in Protection One security in California or any of its many competitors, be sure to research your choices before making a final decision.

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