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About LifeShield Texas

Founded in 2002 by Louis Stilp, LifeShield Security began as InGrid Home Security. Seeking to create a wireless home security system, InGrid eventually obtained 20 industry patents and changed its name to LifeShield Security.

Headquartered in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, the company provides wireless, Internet-based home security services. Customers in all 50 states can purchase LifeShield, Texas included. One of the first home security companies to offer remote access functionality, LifeShield also boasts one of the fastest response times in the industry through broadband Internet connections.

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LifeShield Security Texas Equipment and Services

LifeShield home security Texas customers can choose from several different wireless security technologies and monitoring services.

LifeShield Texas Equipment

In addition to standard home security base and wall console units, LifeShield Security in Texas also offers a range of wireless security equipment:

  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Keychain Remote
  • Siren Detector
  • Pet-Friendly Motion Detector
  • Wireless Video Camera
  • LifeShield’s Web & Mobile Applications

LifeShield Texas Services

With LifeShield home security, Texas customers have access to three different types of service.


Partnering with Protection 1, LifeShield is part of a network that provides professional home monitoring services from five monitoring centers around the U.S. LifeShield Security Texas also offers monitoring for several types of security threats including:

  • Burglary
  • Medical emergencies
  • Fire
  • Carbon monoxide and other environmental hazards


LifeShield Texas customers can choose to install their wireless home security systems themselves, which usually takes less than an hour and does not require any tools. LifeShield also offers professional alarm installation service. A LifeShield Security Advisor will coordinate with a local certified technician to schedule an installation appointment to set up the wireless security system.

Interactive Apps

LifeShield Security Texas allows customers to access their wireless security systems remotely. Using the LifeShield web and mobile apps, customers can set and monitor their systems from their phone, tablet or computer.

LifeShield Texas Packages

Customers have a number of different LifeShield Security Texas package options to choose from. Each one includes 24/7 professional alarm monitoring as well as one Internet-ready base and a wall console.

The available LifeShield Texas packages include:

Value Package: The basic LifeShield plan that includes (2) door and window sensors and (1) wireless keychain remote.

Gold Package: LifeShield’s most popular package options offers motion and patented fire detection. It comes with (3) door and window sensors, (1) wireless keychain remote, (1) pet-friendly motion sensor and (1) fire safety sensor.

Platinum Plus Package: The premium LifeShield package offers advanced video monitoring. It includes (3) door and window sensors, (1) wireless keychain remote, (1) pet-friendly motion sensor, (1) fire safety sensor and (1) wireless video camera.

Find the Right Home Security Service for You

Learn more about home security options in your area with LifeShield security reviews. Texas customers can compare different providers and packages before making a decision.

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