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About FrontPoint Security District of Columbia

Founded in 2007 in McLean, Virginia, FrontPoint Security sought to utilize the latest in home security technology. In addition to being one of the fastest-growing GE Security dealers, FrontPoint is also the only security company that offers 100-percent wireless and cellular home security systems in all 50 states.

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FrontPoint Security District of Columbia Equipment and Services

FrontPoint District of Columbia has a number of different wireless equipment options and monitoring services for customers to choose from.

FrontPoint District of Columbia Equipment

The available FrontPoint District of Columbia wireless home security equipment includes control units, alarm sensors, cameras, environmental monitoring, home automation and signs and decals. Customers can choose from multiple options for each piece of equipment depending on their package and FrontPoint Security cost. District of Columbia customers can equip their home with the following:


The various FrontPoint controls allow users to set and customize their security systems from both inside and outside their homes. Customers can arm their system while on-the-go, confirm their alarm status verbally and even carry a remote for their system in their pocket. The FrontPoint Security District of Columbia control options include:

  • Wireless Control Panel
  • Touch Screen
  • Talking Remote Touchpad
  • Keychain Remote
  • Panic Pendant
  • Mobile Apps

Security and Fire Alarm Sensors

FrontPoint District of Columbia offers a variety of different wireless alarm sensors. Every type of FrontPoint sensor is completely wireless and has a battery life of up to five years. Wireless technology prevents them from being disrupted and also makes them simple to set up. Whenever they detect an emergency, they send instant alerts to the control panel.

  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Recessed Door Sensors
  • Smoke and Heat Sensors
  • Garage Door Sensors

Wireless Cameras

With FrontPoint’s wireless security cameras and video monitoring service, customers can keep an eye on their home even when they are away. They can monitor both the interior and exterior of their home with live feeds on computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Wireless Indoor Camera
  • Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera
  • Outdoor Wireless Camera

Home Automation

In addition to home security, FrontPoint also offers home automation equipment. With certain features, users can turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors and even set the thermostat from anywhere. Home automation equipment options include:

  • Light Controls
  • Door Locks
  • Thermostats

Environmental Monitoring

Alongside security and fire monitoring, FrontPoint customers can also equip their homes with environmental alarm sensors to help protect against flood and carbon monoxide risks. Choose between these different environmental sensors:

  • Water Flood Sensors
  • CO Sensors


Every FrontPoint Security system includes various types of signage that customers can display to deter would be intruders. This includes a yard sign and five window decals that can be placed around the home.

FrontPoint Security District of Columbia Services

Alongside wireless security equipment, FrontPoint District of Columbia provides various types of 24×7 professional home monitoring and security services. From its national monitoring center, FrontPoint offers:

  • Intrusion Monitoring
  • Life Safety and Medical Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Fire Protection
  • Wireless Video Monitoring
  • Crash-and-Smash Protection
  • Home Automation Services
  • Instant Security Alerts

Front Point Security District of Columbia Packages

Front Point Security District of Columbia has multiple package options to choose from. Customers can decide on the right package for them based on their home security needs. The available Front Point Security District of Columbia packages include:

Protection Plan: This package includes intrusion, environmental, fire and life safety monitoring.

Interactive Plan: Along with everything included in the Protection Plan, the Interactive Plan includes Instant Security Alerts, Crash-and-Smash Protection and automated light controls.

Ultimate Plan: The most comprehensive Front Point Security District of Columbia plan adds wireless video monitoring, mobile apps and home automation to the services included in the Interactive Plan.

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