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CPI Security Distrct of Columbia

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When considering the start of a business or a family in Distrct of Columbia, it’s not unwise to consider CPI security in Distrct of Columbia, as well. CPI home security in Distrct of Columbia is a great way to help secure the home or ensure the safety of your business.

Information about CPI Security Distrct of Columbia

Homes and businesses have used CPI home security in Distrct of Columbia and most of the Southeast for more than 20 years. CPI Security helps homeowners and businesses by designing and customizing security systems, and monitoring them 24 hours a day. In addition to an advanced central monitoring station and customizable systems, CPI also lets customers interact with their systems via CPI in Touch in Distrct of Columbia as well as the rest of the country where CPI is available.

CPI Security Distrct of Columbia Equipment & Services

When moving to Distrct of Columbia or looking to start a business, it’s important to remember that CPI offers a variety of equipment and services.

CPI Home Security in Distrct of Columbia – Equipment

Equipment offered can include:

  • Control Panel – Control your system from this console.
  • Door Contacts – Receive an alert whenever a door is opened.
  • Motion Detector – Know when someone is in your home while you’re away.

CPI Home Security in Distrct of Columbia – Services

Services featured can include:

  • Real Time Response – Instant access with trained professionals who will provide assistance in an emergency.
  • CPI inTouch for Distrct of Columbia – CPI inTouch in Distrct of Columbia provides a way to access your home system while on the move. With CPI in Touch for Distrct of Columbia, customers can remotely arm or disarm a system and more.
  • Medical Assistance – Pendant and LCD keypad help users receive assistance in a medical emergency.

CPI Security Distrct of Columbia Packages

Home packages for CPI Security include the following:

  • Basic Package – Comes with and LCD Keypad, Door Contacts, a Motion Detector and more.
  • inTouch ® Package – Comes with Real Time Response and a speaker/mic in addition to a variety of other features.
  • inTouch ® Home Automation – For anyone looking for more control and security. This package also comes with Weather Forecast and Alerts through the Evolution Touch-Screen system.

CPI Security Distrct of Columbia Monitoring

Monitoring of CPI security systems is conducted through a centralized monitoring center located in Charlotte, North Carolina. This center provides 24-hour monitoring.

Learn More about Availability and CPI Reviews for Distrct of Columbia

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