Best Home Alarms

Choosing the Best Home Alarms

If you’ve been searching for home alarm systems, you may be overwhelmed with the different equipment, packages and features available. The best home security companies all claim to have fast response times and state-of-the-art technology, but how do you know which is really the best?

Home security is different for everyone, after all. One single company may or may not offer the best fit for every single homeowner.

Compare the best security systems to choose the one that’s just right for your home and family.

Top home alarms

Here are some tips on things to consider when you compare home alarms:

  • The size of your home. If your home is especially spacious or has numerous entrances, look for home alarm systems that offer multiple motion detectors and points of protection.
  • The size of your family. If you have a large household, choose a security system that lets you program multiple entry codes to provide access for as many family members as possible.
  • Seniors and family members with medical conditions. Many of the best alarm companies offer keychain remotes with panic button features or emergency pendants. These devices could prove helpful for family members who may have trouble accessing the wall-mounted keypad in an emergency.
  • Pets. If you have dogs or cats, the best security systems for you will include pet-friendly motion detectors. These devices can tell the difference between an intruder and a four-legged friend, saving you the stress of dealing with false alarms.
  • Weather and climate. Many of the top home alarm systems include detectors for flooding and extreme temperatures. Homeowners who live in flood-prone areas or regions where temperatures frequently dip below freezing may find these features especially useful.
  • Lifestyle. If you work long hours or travel frequently, you may want the convenience of remote online access. Some of the best security systems offer access to your security system from your computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere with wireless access.

The best security systems: The role of service

When choosing home security, equipment and features play only part of the equation. A company’s customer service, response time and reliability are also important.

Look for companies that provide 24/7 monitoring and around-the-clock customer service. A high rating or endorsement from an organization like the Better Business Bureau is a good sign.

The best home security companies also offer service plans for malfunctioning equipment, in addition to money-back satisfaction guarantees and similar policies.